Become a Mystery Shopper

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What is a Mystery Shopper???

A Mystery Shopper is an anonymous shopper who evaluates establishments then shares their experience in order to improve customer service. Anybody can be a Mystery Shopper - eg. a full time mum, a senior citizen or a student.

The only criteria: - You have to be honest, reliable, hard working with good observation skills and be prepared to provide high quality and accurate information.

What will you have to do?

Some of your tasks could include:
• Evaluating displays in a shop to see if they are kept clean and in order.
• Asking the sales clerk for information about a product.
• Making a sale.
• Eating out in a restaurant to check the service.
• Staying a night in a hotel.

How much do I earn?

You are paid per Mystery Shop assignment, with the actual amount dependent on the type of assignment. Most assignments begin at $20.00 per shop. You may encounter further benefits depending on the nature of the assignment for example: Free meals, free accommodation or free product.

What is an assignment?

It is very important that - when you receive your assignment - you study the 20–50 questions before you begin. You must be prepared when you enter the establishment. If you fail to study your instructions and survey, you may miss critical information that you are being paid to obtain. If this happens, you may not be paid - or you may be asked go back to the location and double the time you have already spent there. Take along a notepad and leave it in your car. This may be handy when you have completed your assignment.

Remember: If we give you specific details, these need to be followed at all times. Shopping assignments are very easy to complete. Basically they are just like going shopping!

Will I get an assignment straight away if I sign up and where will these be?

The assignments will be in your home town or the area you are willing to travel in. We can’t guarantee when you will receive an assignment - it depends on the location you live in and if we have assignments available at that time.

What do you need to do next to become a Mystery Shopper?

1 - The first step is to read and agree with our Privacy Policy. (Click Below)
2 - The next step is to fill out the Mystery Shopper Employment Application Form.
3 - And then just wait until we contact you with an assignment.

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